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Dr. Jean Paul Lim

In this episode, we go in-depth with Dr. Jean Paul Lim, internal medicine and complex care specialist who recently founded the Clarity Medical Centre in Vancouver BC with the intention of studying the benefits and monitoring the side effects of medicinal cannabis use. Listen to our host Penny Green and Dr. Lim speak on how medical cannabis could be used as a solution to help a number of health issues, telemedicine, and how gaining data and number could change the medical Cannabis space for good.

Chris Jackson

In this episode, we speak to the founder of My Marijuana Canada Inc. and Nude Vodka Soda Chris Jackson about his focus on the legal Marijuana markets for the past 6 years, in both the growing, retailing and distribution sectors. From discussing nightlife in Vancouver to the future of Cannabis edibles, tune in to hear this fun conversation.

Natasha Raey

In this episode, we hear serial entrepreneur and founder of Cadence Health Center Natasha Raey speak about healthcare, women’s empowerment, and medical marijuana. As the co-founder of SheTalks Global, Natasha spearheaded the creation of a movement that has created a platform for real women to share their raw, authentic stories. Hear Penny Green and Natasha Raey’s fun back-and-forth conversation on a vast variety of topics, including how Cannabis can improve your sex life, the effects of Cannabis legalization on Canadian society, the role of women in the Cannabis space, and more!