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Leveraging our talented management team, and market expertise, The Yield Growth Corp. has a proven ability for cultivating high value companies and assets centred around the Cannabis industry and it’s key players: LP’s, Merchants, Consumers. We specialize in building unique offerings by way of customer-centric business models focused on where the industry needs to be, not where it is now.

Loop Cannabis Insights collects customer data and product insights for licensed cannabis producers, retailers and manufacturers and converts these insights into actionable recommendations for business growth. These services will be paired with a payment processing app for retailers integrated with social media, rewards and review – an end-to-end loop for the businesses and customers.

Juve Wellness is a Cannabis lifestyle brand, offering hand-crafted, everyday wellness products made of high-end essential oils and organic products. Literally ‘food for your skin’, consumers can shop by their personalized body types and can choose products with or without Cannabis infusion.

Thrive is a Cannabis product delivery service – accessible via our ‘one-stop-shop’ app – an offering that ties together our retailer and consumer connections.

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A Fresh

In a world where customers want to be heard, understood and catered to, it is no longer acceptable to create products or services in the absence of deep insights. The ‘Seed to Sale’ viewpoint is no longer an advantage.

Through our sub-branded companies, we continue to push businesses to think outside the box of current industry parameters, and to start focusing on a highly personalized, informed, value-added customer experience and offering. Our job is to continuing observing and analyzing the Cannabis customer journey and folding our learnings back into thought-leading products and solutions through our sub-brands: Juve, Loop and Thrive.

Growing Customer Centric Solutions

With Cannabis consumers at centre of our business, we offer unique, data-driven insights and support to LP’s and merchants. We also offer a next-level product, shopping and loyalty-rewarding experience for consumers.

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Our highly experienced team of professionals bring extensive backgrounds and success stories from a variety of relevant industries.

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